I believe in BEAUTY.


FAITH (perhaps)

Perhaps, sometimes, we are not ready. And we need Mother Earth, or Nature to take over. To slow us down, or speed us up. Perhaps it’s all written in the Stars. And we must simply learn to TRUST. Through the hardships, through the tears…baby, please…BELIEVE.

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Galaxy by Lin Zagorski

First Vay Cay

My. Own. Hotel Room. Holy god this feels nice.


Nocturne (Op.9 No.2)

Letting my sadness bleed over the keys…

over Chopin. 

We hittin’ hours here. 

The release is insane.

I’d be up the walls without him.

Hey Freddy, I owe you one. 


The Intangible

I live my life in a tiny shell. 

I don’t get ‘likes’ on Facebook. 

People don’t care what I do. 

But I still love it. 


 and genuinely. 

I listen to classical tunes. 

And I don’t expect anyone to get it. 

They never do anyways. 

But it’s so real 

It’s so, 



so damn…


yes, yes!! That is the word I am looking for! 


The people, the artists, the creation, 

my life is so full of…


of ART. Do they know? 

About the other side? 

That there is this world? 

That means everything…that touches us all…

and puts our thoughts….

into a realm of authenticity. 

the intangible. 

Suddenly it becomes real. 

And means something. 

…it’s scary, isn’t it? 

To think this hard, this deeply. 

I don’t blame you.  It scares me too. 

Yet…at the same time…

it’s all I live for. 

Live your life and ignore it. 

It’s probably safer that way. 

But I can’t.  I surrender. 

I give into the imaginativeness. 

Without it…

I don’t even see the point.

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Pink Floyd: Rick Wright, Syd Barrett, and Roger Waters in the studio
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'Scuse me?

Scuse me? 
5 years later to the date and I still hear you.
Calling me that name. 
"No one likes you, you’re a bitch."
"No one wants to play with you, you’re a bitch."
Call me that name one more time. 
I don’t care.
I’m 29 today. 
And I don’t give a fuck. 
Call me a bitch again, I dare you. 
You know what I think? When you call me that name? 
I think you’re scared.  
I think you’re not ready. 
I think you want me in my place. 
Submissive and cute. 
Short skirts and smiles. 
Too late, baby.  I’m calling you out. 
Get over it.  You don’t hate me. 
Really…you never did.
You hate yourself. 
Stop calling me names, and look inside. 
And you’ll see…
all the accusations 
Are always 
At yourself. 
A mirror
to the truth…
the honest answer to all of it…
is you…
you stupid bitch.